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Photo of a fan of PatioPizzazz! tiles

PatioPizzazz! The specifications:

Each 12" square PatioPizzazz! tile features unique 3/4" suspension geometry for exceptional feel as it eases stress on bones and joints, yet still gives firm non-slip footing. Available in ten standard colors.

PatioPizzazz! also comes in 12 x 1.75 inch "line" tiles in all ten standard colors, plus white, for more intricate designs.

12 x 2 inch ramp tiles add a nice finishing touch to the exposed edges of your designs, available in ten standard colors.

Photos showing suspension system under each tile, line tiles and ramp tiles

Description: Unique 3-point suspension system design providing an orthopedic, shock absorbing, non-slip flooring system. 30-day standard materials/workmanship warranty. 10-year limited warranty available for extra per-tile charge. Please contact us for details.
Standard Tile: 12" × 12" × 0.75" (304.8mm × 304.8 mm × 19.05mm)
Ramp Tile: 2" × 12" × 0.75" (50.8mm × 304.8 mm × 19.05mm)
Line Tile: 1.75" × 12" × 0.75" (44.45mm × 304.8 mm × 19.05mm)
Standard Tile: 10.93 ounces (310 grams)
Ramp Tile: 2.15 ounces (61 grams)
Line Tile: 1.87 ounces (53 grams)
Material: High density polypropylene co-polymer

PatioPizzazz! 10 Standard Tile Colors:

Burgundy, Rust Red, Bright Red, Yellow, Teal, Medium Green, Dark Green, Blue, Light Gray, Graphite

Illustration showing all ten standard PatioPizzazz! colors