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Overview photo of red PatioPizzazz! with green border

PatioPizzazz! The newest, easiest home improvement product

Do you have a patio or deck that seems a little tired or worn down? Or maybe you're just tired of looking at "the same old gray" of a concrete patio or porch, or a mature deck?

It doesn't have to be that way! Now you can easily add new life and color to your patio or deck with all new Patio-Pizzazz! It's the newest, easiest do-it-yourself home improvement product on the market today. PatioPizzazz! is cool, comfortable, colorful coverings that you design yourself for your patio, porch, deck or dock.

With Patio-Pizzazz! you get a tough, durable modular flooring surface that is feast for the eyes, yet flexible and easy on your feet, ankles, knees and back.

The tiles are 12 inches square, and come in 10 standard colors. They easily fit together with a simple peg and loop system -- really just a "snap" to install. No glue required/desired. Available edge ramps provide effortless rolling transitions from one surface to another, and makes PatioPizzazz! wheelchair friendly. Available line tiles can help you create advanced, intricate designs.

In fact, the patterns and styles you can install are limited only by your imagination. Alternating lines, checkerboard, borders or highlight squares, it's all up to you. And those are just a few starter ideas of the ways to make your own unique Patio-Pizzazz! creation.

Patio-Pizzazz! is tough and durable as well as attractive. It is impervious to mold and dampness, and easily handles the sun as well, leaving the surface cool to the touch. This tile was originally designed to withstand the rigorous pounding of indoor/outdoor court-based sports, so it will easily handle any foot traffic you can throw at it.

Detail photo of PatioPizzazz! border tile with matching edge ramp tiles

PatioPizzazz! enhances any patio, porch or deck

It's easy to add elegant style to a patio, deck or porch - even with a simple design, as shown here. The contrasting dark green border with matching ramps surround the brick red tiles to create a dramatic effect - with minimal investment.

You can easily change colors or even the entire design with the change of the seasons, only with PatioPizzazz!