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Photo of family on new boat dock

PatioPizzazz! on your dock: Style, comfort and safety

Despite its playful exterior, Patio-Pizzazz! makes an attractive and safe boat dock cover. It provides a sure, slip-resistant surface that easily drains water, and makes a great place for rinsing off sand, etc. Single or multi-colored Patio-Pizzazz! makes it easy for visiting boaters to find your dock the first time - and every time. During full sun, Patio-Pizzazz! is much cooler to the touch than plain wood. No splinters, too!

Protect your dock

Your dock is an investment that is, by definition, placed in a harsh environment. Patio-Pizzazz! protects your dock by shielding it from the ravages of the sun. It also absorbs the pounding most docks get from hauling heavy sporting gear in and out of boats -- like fishing equipment, skis or wake boards, extra fuel tanks, batteries and big coolers. All while looking great, year after year!

Photo of weatherbeaten boat dock

Renew your dock

It's easy to extend the life of your older dock with PatioPizzazz! You'll get a tough, safe and colorful surface that's cool and comfortable. You can easily change colors of your dock, only with PatioPizzazz!