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Photo of blueprints, measuring tape and calculator

Designing with Patio-Pizzazz!

Measure first! It's really easy to design your own patio or deck with PatioPizzazz! Just take the dimensions of the area down (length and width) and compute the square footage of the area (L×W). Be sure to round up to the next full foot - PatioPizzazz! is easy to trim to fit in any space. This will give you the total number of the tiles you will want. We also recommend that you order a few extra tiles to have some spares, just in case.

Decide where you might want to add transition ramps (they are 12" × 2") and determine how many you might need. They come in all of the colors the tiles do, so you have an opportunity to create an accent color if you desire.

Let your imagination take over!

The patterns and styles you can install are limited only by your imagination. Alternating lines, checkerboard, borders or highlight squares - it's all up to you! We recommend the use of graph paper and crayons or markers to get an even clearer look at your design.

Place your order

Once you have you masterpiece in mind, determine how many of which colors you will need. We always recommend ordering a few spare of each color, just in case. Once your tiles arrive, just sna them into place. It really is that easy!

So what are you waiting for? Design your patio or deck today and order your tile. In a few short days you will have an exciting new accent area in your home. It will be a beautiful addition that will express your own unique style and taste.

Pencil sketches of potential PatioPizzazz! designs

Turn sketches into elegance with PatioPizzazz!

PatioPizzazz! border design PatioPizzazz! checker design

PatioPizzazz! snake design PatioPizzazz! rainbow design

You can easily change colors or even the entire design with the change of the seasons, only with PatioPizzazz!