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Detail photo of burgundy, graphite and light grey PatioPizzazz! tiles

Benefits of PatioPizzazz!

PatioPizzazz! is a great way to dress up a patio or deck that could use a little punch! PatioPizzazz! is bright and colorful, and can be arranged in as many patterns as you can imagine.

Plus, unlike ordinary patios and decks, "Pizzazz-ed" patios can be redesigned and reinstalled the the greatest of ease, presenting you with a way to change the look and feel of your outdoor entertaining area almost as easily as you change clothes.

Foot friendly surface

PatioPizzazz! provides a foot-friendly surface, which makes your "Pizzazz-ed" patio a comfortable place for everyone to walk and stand. PatioPizzazz! is also slip resistant, to provide sure footing. And its 3/4-inch height helps keep your surface above any puddles trapped on your subsurface.

Pliant, yet highly durable,

PatioPizzazz! is highly durable (literally, we have driven a full-sized 18 wheeler over this surface) and tough despite its fun exterior, and can take a considerable pounding. So if you have an active family, this is the surface for you. Plus, with some of the more active members of your family, it gives them a little bit softer place to land!